I’m Restarting my Newsletter, Etcetera


Yes. I used to send a newsletter, also called ‘Etcetera’, in the mid-2010s, back when life was merely difficult rather than apocalyptically terrible. It burned brightly and briefly. And now it is back! Sort of! It’ll still be a list of interesting, funny or useful things. I’ll be sending them weekly rather than (almost) daily.

Ah yes, I remember getting that. Do I need to resubscribe?

Yes. The mechanics of it are probably not interesting to most people—I was using Tinyletter then, I’ll be using Revue now—but I haven’t sent anything to subscribers in nearly 7 years, so I’m considering it dead. If you were on that list, you’ll have to resubscribe like all the other proles.

Revue? I thought you hated their owners, Twitter. Why aren’t you using Substack like everyone else?

Of course I hate Twitter! I’m just like everyone else: I hate it because I use it, and I use it because I hate it. The difference for me is that Substack looks like a company that’s going to eventually become Bad. I already know Twitter is Bad, so I have no qualms about using their newly acquired service.

It seems like everyone’s starting newsletters these days.

Legend dictates that every 7 years there is a surge of interest in newsletters. Or is that cicadas? I’m not sure. In any case, yes, they are popular again. But I’ve been thinking about starting it again for a few years. A newsletter serves a useful function for me: it’s a semi-ephemeral way to share links with people. I don’t really want this blog that you’re reading to become a link blog again, and I just don’t use Twitter in that way anymore, so it seems like it fits in nicely.

What do I need to do?

You can sign up below or at Etcetera’s Revue page. And please tell anyone else who you think might be interested.

Subscription received!

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