Hello. I’m Matthew.

I’m digital director for Omne. I write Etcetera (on hiatus), a weekly newsletter of interesting links. I present Oh My Word, a podcast about following Watford FC during the 1990s. I’m currently checking out Mastodon, so follow me there if you’d like.

Recent posts

  • Forget The Fickle
    The power of niche content, fostering genuine connections and loyalty, and why we should prioritise quality over virality.
  • Videogames and Jazz
    A brief exploration of the relationship between videogames and jazz.
  • Mary Star of The Sea
    Revisiting Zwan’s 2003 album ‘Mary Star of The Sea’.
  • Farewell, David Crosby
    A brief remembrance of David Crosby.
  • In Rainbow Roads
    Using Super Mario 64’s sound fonts to reconstruct Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

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