My son’s almost 15 months old. Some of the babies in his NCT cohort came out with full heads of hair; some of them grew hair quickly and have since had it cut several times.

His hair has grown somewhat patchily. Today he had his cut for the first time. A big mohawk for a while, the gaps slowly filling in. It’s curly, from his mum, and ginger, from his maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother. It seems to be darkening as it grows and thickens.

As your child grows up you have lots of firsts and I try to be part of as many of them as I can. I took extended parental leave then subsequently quit my job so I’ve been very lucky to have been there for his first word, step, meal, mega-tantrum. I feel very lucky compared with many of the other dads that I speak to, many of whom come back from work to find their child already in bed. It’s not all been straightforward but the past year-and-a-bit has made me happier than I’ve ever been.