ẽ̞ẽẽ̝ is the three-note grunt used (mostly) by surly teenagers to mean “I don’t know”; a paper explores how such sentences can be compressed so heavily without losing meaning.

Before it began, I was resigned to that being a terrible World Cup—the pantomime of VAR, too many teams, hosts that never should have been—yet it was as enjoyable a tournament as I can remember, helped considerably by an England team that visibly believed in what they were doing.

Future Fonts looks interesting: sort of typographic Patreon. You pay a designer and you get a half-finished typeface—maybe it’s missing some characters or weights—and they get the resources to finish it off.

Baby update: he likes broccoli and, somewhat surprisingly to me, trout. Yesterday was warm enough to sit and eat in the garden. Today we’re inside watching Russia vs. Saudi Arabia.

I follow 165 people on Instagram. A handful of these are what might loosely be described as ‘celebrities’: people famous for things other than social media.

Recently Facebook has started to recommend these people to me as potential FB friends. Only: they mostly go by pseudonyms, presumably so fans or trolls can’t find them by searching their names. But it’s obviously them. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts must be linked.

There are many ways to remain private on the internet, but The Dreaded Algorithms are killing these off as well.

Sweden is going cashless, with an unexpected consequence. Thieves are now focusing on high-value goods and outlandish crimes, like stealing Apple products from moving trucks, and dealing in protected species. A single great grey owl can sell for $120,000 on the dark web.

I’ve started a new playlist on Spotify of things that catch my attention. 20 songs, old and new, various genres. 2 or 3 songs added each week. Follow if it’s your sort of thing. Send me your suggestions!