Impressed with BuzzFeed and their style guide’s insistence on removing spaces and hyphens. This from a recent update. How long until we get to ‘crosspost’?

I have struggled to make a really good cacio e pepe—my method works well perhaps 25% of the time. (When it doesn’t work, it’s never bad, just not perfect.) I’m looking forward to trying this foolproof cacio e pepe recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

I’m a big fan of Alan Jacobs, despite some ideological differences. But to use this mathematical phrasing in Q3 kinda defeats the answer to Q4, no? There’s “so much of it”, yet it must also be infinitesimally small…

After what felt like decades of unbearable heat, we finally got some rain and hail. It’s at least 10°C cooler than yesterday, which makes playtime a bit more comfortable.