Digitisation and the loss of iconography

Sue Walsh on the shared meaning of images as used for icons:

Imagine if the words sunglasses, thunder, continent, and sorrow were suddenly replaced with a single, brand-new word that meant each of those things, depending on their context. How would writers respond? How would readers know which meaning you were seeking when the new word was used? This is what is happening to designers.

Walsh goes on to discuss the ways different jobs are signified in the board game ‘The Game of Life’, and posits:

And what about jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago? A Market Research Data Miner. A Millennial Generational Expert. Social Media Manager. What do those look like? What images conjure up fantasies to kids wondering what they’ll be when they grow up? What would those illustrations look like in The Game of Life?

A modern day revision of The Game Of Life