• Reading: The First World War by Michael Howard. A fantastic introduction that I think will serve as a good jumping-off point to explore areas in more detail.
  • Watching: The Good Place on Netflix. I am halfway through season 2; I like this, but don’t love it. The cast are all good, and I was delighted to see Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Scott appear.
  • Listening to: The new White Album remasters. Too much to digest. Over the past couple of years this has become one of my favourite albums, so it will take me a while to work out what I think of this.
  • Eating: Pad kra pow. I make a variation on this holy basil dish at least once a week. (Always served with rice and crispy fried eggs.)
  • Drinking: Freak Scene, a great little New England IPA with citrus and tropical notes.
  • Playing: Super Mario Run, which is far better than most people think.

Updated in late November 2018.