SEO, UX and social media services

I am a full-time search engine and user experience consultant based in Milton Keynes. I help companies improve their websites so that people can find them more easily, then have a better time while using them, leading to more success for you.

Search engine optimisation

Struggling to get seen? Do your competitors have a higher profile than you? I can help you reach your ideal customers. I’ve worked in SEO for many years and I know what will work for you, whatever your business or industry.

I have experience in getting the technical details correct, so your site is built in a way that search engines like Google understand, and so it loads quickly. Unlike many SEO consultants, I have extensive experience of copywriting, copyediting, and writing for the web. I can help your content jump out and appeal to the reader.

User experience (UX)

Is your website intuitively laid out? Do users understand how to find the content they’re looking for? What’s obvious to you might not be obvious to your potential customers. I undertake full data-led reviews of websites, seeing what’s working well and what needs improving.

UX is far-ranging. I can advise you anything from the best words to use on your menus and other areas of microcopy, to how you can meet web standards for accessibility purposes.

I am asked to comment on UX stories for publications such as Bloomberg, so you can sure my work and expertise is well-respected.

Social media

I’ve worked on social media accounts with up to hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Success on social media isn’t as simple as lining up a long list of links to your blog posts. You need to take a broader view of why you’re using social media, and what results you want. What sort of engagement is best for you? Are your accounts optimised for success? I can get you to that stage, then help you plan and manage the day-to-day activities that follow.

I offer full social media strategies for my clients, including:

  • Account/platform review, setup and archival to make sure you’re putting your energies in the right places
  • Creating and refining key messages to make sure social media is contributing to your business goals
  • Establishing tone of voice so you’re talking to your customers in a consistent way that they understand
  • Understanding success, and using analytics and data analysis to measure progress
  • When to post organic content, and how to get great value from promoted content with even the smallest budget

Other digital services

Having worked in a variety of communications, marketing and digital strategy roles, for companies large and small, I can offer you much more:

  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting and ghostwriting
  • PR
  • Email newsletters and marketing
  • PPC (paid search marketing)
  • CMS advice and best practice—I have considerable expertise in Drupal and WordPress

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