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If you can’t easily be found on Google then it’s going to be difficult for you to attract new customers. I offer a full range of SEO consultancy services to help with this.

I’ve worked with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, from local businesses to multinationals, and I have lots of experience in the editorial and technical aspects of SEO.

Here are some examples of ways I can help you:

  • Creating and deploying a keyword strategy that focuses on the most important words and phrases for your business and industry
  • Optimising existing content to improve visibility in Google search results pages and clicks through to your site for your target keywords
  • Identifying content opportunities based on related search terms that your customers use, and that will attract backlinks from reputable sites
  • Diagnosing and fixing technical errors on your website that may be harming its ranking potential

My SEO services pair perfectly with my broader approach to content strategy and UX and is backed up by intelligent reporting and analysis to demonstrate ROI.