Boil The Frog

Boil The Frog lets you generate a short playlist connecting two different bands or artists.

It’s more interesting when the acts aren’t terribly similar. An example ‘From Miley Cyrus to Miles Davis’ playlist goes:

  1. Miley Cyrus: “We Can’t Stop”
  2. Kelly Clarkson: “Piece By Piece”
  3. Justin Timberlake: “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”
  4. John Legend: “What’s Going On”
  5. Alicia Keys: “Fallin’ “
  6. Amy Winehouse: “Body And Soul”
  7. Norah Jones: “Come Away With Me”
  8. Nina Simone: “Here Comes The Sun”
  9. Billie Holiday: Gloomy Sunday”
  10. Chet Baker: “Autumn Leaves”
  11. Bill Evans: “Gary’s Theme”
  12. Miles Davis: “Flamenco Sketches”

Boil The Frog queries the Spotify database for (related) artists, so smaller ones don’t appear or the connections don’t flow quite so well. It couldn’t find my beloved Sprain for a planned ‘From Sprain to The Vengaboys’ debacle.