A minor success as well as a monumental failure

A great article by Chris Higgins on competitive Tetris:

Neither competitor can actually win. NES Tetris cannot be defeated, even in a so-called “max-out” game, in which the top possible score of 999,999 points is achieved. Every game ends with a player topping out and losing. Yet the best possible loss is exactly what these men seek, though each hope to win the Championship first.

I played my fair share of NES Tetris as a kid and I got nowhere near these guys. I know the strategy—build up a stack of tesselating shapes and clear four lines at a time (a Tetris) with the long shape, but maneuvering those blocks in the correct direction at high speeds was a task too far for my childhood brain.

The piece is notable also for it’s separate special features companion post, with related links and a Q&A.

If this interests you, seek out Seth Gordon’s 2007 film The King of Kong, one of my favourite documentaries on any subject, ever. And here are some fabulous long articles about Tetris.

Author: Matthew Culnane

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