I’m an independent SEO, PPC and UX consultant based in Woburn Sands, near Milton Keynes, UK.

Here’s what I do for work. Interested in working together? Email me using matthew@ this domain or message me on LinkedIn.

I write a weekly newsletter called Etcetera which rounds up interesting links from the previous week.

Recent posts

  • On Duolingo’s Blog
    A quick note on how the Duolingo blog has rapidly turned into something brilliantly interesting and useful.
  • Oh My Word, and a newsletter update
    Introducing Oh My Word, a podcast about Watford FC in the 1990s, and an update about Etcetera.
  • A Carnivorous Culture
    A look at how meat-eating is firmly implanted in western culture and the difficulty in bringing about change in our diets.
  • I’m Restarting my Newsletter, Etcetera
    I’m restarting my weekly newsletter of links.
  • Why Twitter’s Birdwatch Will Fail
    Like every effort at adding moderation tools to an already mature social network, Twitter’s Birdwatch will fail. Like everything else, it comes down to cold hard cash.

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